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AISM PRODUCTIONS: Ashley Ingram Sound and Music Productions 



Dr. Ashley G. Ingram A.K.A. "Dr. A",  B.A.S.C.A., B.M.I. (Music)

Founder of the english language learning institute [e.l.l.i.] and "e-­", the children education division of [e.l.l.i.].

Expert in Orthoepy and Music, “Master of Voice ­- speaking & singing”


Ashley G. Ingram, born in Northampton, England, started life with a speech impediment/problem, that he ultimately fixed his own speech all by himself and vowed that one day that he would help others overcome these challenges.

He went on to become a successful singer-songwriter and composer with hit records and credits like: “YOU GOTTA BE” written by the singer Des’ree and himself.  Ashley Ingram was awarded the“Ivor Novello Award” by the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (B.A.S.C.A.) which is the highest accolade achievable in music composition in England, Europe and all over the world, and the “BMI Award” by the Broadcast Music Inc. 7 times both in the UK and the US. Ashley Ingram also has name credit associations with artists like Mariah Carey, Beyonce from Destiny’s Child and Christina Aguilera for either co-writing or musical performances.

Through his international achievements, he was invited to the Vatican in Rome in 1994, with a party of 16 people chosen from all over the world to have a special audience with Pope John Paul II (who was declared a saint in April, 2014). And a profound experience happened between Ashley and the Pope when the Pope took Ashley's hands and blessed him (for reasons of respect, Ashley prefers to personally talk about this) which later led to his calling in communication, his calling to help people in “SPEAKING" and “SINGING”.


With his success in music, Ashley Ingram decided to invest in his passion for helping and teaching people. With over $2 million invested in the most sophisticated “state of the Art” technologies, Ashley Ingram invented the educational technologies for students to successfully study “English for speaking” in today’s world of education. He created the educational technology based English learning system that helps Asian people learn to speak English in a way never taught before...

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