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Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute Concert
Artistic Director, Composer and Educator: Ashley Ingram 


Ashley Ingram taught 600 students within less than 6 months using an “online teaching system” for the first time.

The entire attending students from all over the TDSB (Toronto District School Board) schools did NOT physically meet until the rehearsal day, which was just one day before the concert. Ashley wrote/arranged the songs for the concert, visited the TDSB schools to instruct teachers and students for all the performance including chorus choir, orchestra (strings), dance, and the band. This became the best Martin Luther King Jr. birthday cerebration concert ever in its 9 year history.

Ashley Ingram School of Music

Toronto, Canada


Ashley Ingram run and owned the Ashley Ingram School of Music for 7 years and taught over thousands of students from Canada and Asia (Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan etc.)

In 2006, started as a school of Music (Vocal, Music Production), expanded and added Language department due to the diversity of the students' mother tongue language. This became the birth of his unique teaching method called "SING & SPEAK", learning to speak through singing, using detailed vocalization skills to learn to acquire correct English pronunciation skills. This method and techniques are now incorporated into children's English language education.

From teenage students (18+) to professionals (doctors, teachers, researchers etc.) many types of students attended the school and the school motto, "Confidence is the key to success!" and Ashley Ingram's passion reached many students' hearts. The language learning materials are available as e.l.l.i. (english language learning institute) study iBooks on iTunes.

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